Wednesday, August 22, late afternoon until early evening, CONTEXT'07 combines its poster session and industrial exhibitions with a reception which includes light buffet and refreshments. See conference program for list of posters.

Included in the conference registration fee. Separate registration for this event will be made available for non-participants; more information later.

Apple, Denmark


Thursday, August 23, busses will leave for an excursion to the famous Viking Ship Museum which is superbly situated with a view over Roskilde Fjord where several almost complete ships were found, and which now are exhibited. It is an active museum where also copies of ships are built and tested; you will see several of them in the museum harbour. However, you won't see The Sea Stallion (Havhesten) which is currently on a trip to Ireland.

Then we walk through Roskilde, passing several historically interesting places along the way, including the impressive Dome, until we reach the next destination.

The conference dinner will take place at Hotel Prindsen which is located in the very center of Roskilde and which has had its role in the history for more than three centuries; look here for interesting details. Famous characters such as Hans Christian Andersen, Holger Drachmann, Gustav Wied have had relations to this hotel.

We have the great pleasure to be allowed to use Prindsen's famous and very beatiful Golden Age Hall.

Separate registration is needed for conference participants and their accompanying persons at a very reasonable price; see details in the registration form. It may be possible to register for this highly recommended event at the conference, but hurry.