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Investigating the Specifics of Contextual Elements Management: The CEManTIKA Approach
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Three Interactions between Context and Epistemic Locutions
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On relating heterogeneous elements from different ontologies
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Meaning, Contexts and Justification
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AcroDef: A Quality Measure for Discriminating Expansions of Ambiguous Acronyms
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The influence of Task Contexts on the Decision-making of Humans and Computers
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Delimited continuations in operating systems
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Context modeling: Task model and model of practices
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Context in use for analyzing conversation structures on the Web tied to the notion of situatedness
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Context modeling: Context as a dressing of a focus
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Context Sensitivity: Indexicalism, Contextualism, Relativism
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Risk Context Effects in Inductive Reasoning: An Experimental and Computational Modeling Study
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Objective vs
Subjective Scales: The Challenge that the Scale Type Poses to the JUDGEMAP Model of Context Sensitive Judgment
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An Operational Definition of Context
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Distributed Document Contexts in Cooperation Systems
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Using context for the extraction of relational views
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Service-context unified knowledge representation for autonomic adaptation
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Coping with Unconsidered Context of Formalized Knowledge
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Context-Oriented Domain Analysis
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Fields as Dimensions of Context: An application of Bourdieu's sociological theory to modelling of context of social action
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VIVACE Context Based Search Platform
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User Profiling with Hierarchical Context:  an e-retailer case study
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ReCQ: Real-world Context-aware Querying
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Similarity Measurement in Context
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Conceptual Analysis of Interdisciplinary Scientific Work
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A Semantics for Changing Frames of Mind
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Integrating Engineering, Cognitive and Social Approaches for a Comprehensive Modeling of Organizational Agents and their Contexts
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Explanations and Context in Ambient Intelligent Systems
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Goal Reasoning with Context Record Types
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Representing Context in Web Search with Ontological User Profiles
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Default Inferences in Metaphor Interpretation
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Context-Aware Security Management System for Pervasive Computing Environment
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Local Context Selection for Aligning Sentences in Parallel Corpora
Srini Narayanan
OCCAM: Ontology-based Computational Contextual Analysis and Modeling
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Do You Believe What Eye Believe?
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MDD approach for the Development of Context-Aware Applications
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Thai Text Coherence Structuring with Coordinating and Subordinating Relations for Text Summarization
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Context-Sensitivity of Human Memory: Episode Connectivity and its Influence on Memory Reconstruction